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Sustainability Navigator for Schools is brought to you by Barnett Waddingham, a leading independent UK professional services consultancy.

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Helping independent schools achieve net zero

Sustainability Navigator for Schools is brought to you by Barnett Waddingham, a leading independent UK professional services consultancy.

As a leader in professional services consulting with 20 years history of supporting Independent Schools, we pride ourselves in creating products that will not only fulfill regulatory requirements but are interactive and intuitive. This approach was no different when we created our Sustainability Navigator.

At Barnett Waddingham we understand the pressures that independent schools are under, with the everyday running and the ever-changing regulatory needs. This is no different when it comes to Sustainability.

Sustainability is top of the agenda for many organisations. Not only because the regulatory disclosure requirements for schools are ever-increasing but because of the pressures from students and other school communities to have a strategy to meet the UK’s ambitious 2050 Net Zero target. To help schools navigate this new landscape we have worked with them and to create the best product that will help meet these needs in a easy and cost efficient way.

At the forefront of most schools this obligation comes in the form of The Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) report. Whether the needs for the SECR report be a requirement or a voluntary submission the Sustainability Navigator can help.

The importance of creating a more sustainable future most schools want to go beyond statutory reporting and provide a genuine commitment to making a real difference to teachers and staff, parents, pupils and alumni and larger surrounding communities, all who have an increasing expectation to see credible plans to net zero.

Simplify your carbon journey

The Sustainability Navigator allows you to go beyond a flat table of numbers and breathes life into your carbon emissions!

Not only can it meet the regulatory requirements of the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting that comes as standard with every option of the Sustainability Navigator. With over 30 Independent Schools wanting to be net zero by 2030 sustainability, students, parents, and local communities will be interested in knowing your plan to tackle the issue of Sustainability which is increasingly at the forefront of society’s mind.

Let us help with your plans whether it be working with the local councils to build better bus routes to aid with travel to and from school, or simply better draft proofing for your buildings the Sustainability Navigator can help you track and even create some goals.

By visualising your carbon emissions, you can better communicate at all levels from students to governors, speed up decision making, identify trends and easily highlight any areas of concern which all helps in bolstering a data driven culture within your schools.

Our Sustainability Navigator products

All product options are a modern interactive dashboard that includes a clickable downloadable SECR report that is suitable for submission for annual reporting.

Base Base+ Bespoke
  • Includes all mandatory SECR requirements for Scope 1, 2 & 3

  • Robust tool which is suitable for drill down analysis

  • Ability to download tables and charts for further presentations and analysis

  • Clear visualisations for engagement at all levels, students to stakeholders

  • The confidence of a professionally developed and maintained solution

  • Includes everything in the Base product

  • A custom survey for families and staff that travel to and from your school

  • Scope 3 emissions for school travel for engagement with families and staff about their contributions

  • Additional understanding of carbon reduction benefits of bus routes and public transport

  • Opportunity to help families and staff reduce scope 3 emissions

  • Includes everything in the Base product

  • Support from Barnett Waddingham in choosing carbon emissions that your school is exposed to

  • Engagement with suppliers on their contribution to carbon reduction

  • Understanding the impact of your investment strategy

  • Build a comprehensive carbon reduction strategy

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